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Kwik-Clamp, Quick-Change Workholding Mounting System by, Rimeco Products Inc.

• Reduce setup time and process variability
• Offers best-in-class accuracy and repeatability
• High clamping force
• High productivity
• One unit set up

The Kwik-Clamp 4 and 5 Axis OnePro is a Quick-Change Workholding Mounting
System that can be used on industry-standard machines. The System allows operators to pneumatically clamp any type of workholding to their table with 2,000 lbs. of clamping force. The Kwik-Clamp, quick-change workholding mounting system was designed to help you increase productivity and lower costs to maximize the benefits of your 4 and 5 Axis machine with just one single unit. The System clamps with .0002” precision and .0002” repeatability.

Our Kwik-Clamp workholding system minimizes obstruction issues while providing enough clamping force to locate and stabilize intricate or oddly shaped parts.

What our customers are saying
"I have used the Quick-Change Workholding Mounting Systems in my shop since 2003. Workholding is easy to modify and use with the Kwik-Clamp's and they are very accurate. I have utilized the system on one piece jobs to 500+ piece jobs, large and small parts. I made an adapter for a 6" chuck to mount onto the Kwik-Clamps. The Kwik-Clamp units are extremely rigid and I can mill at 100% spindle load without pulling the fixturing out of the Kwik-Clamp and accurately finish the part. I have put the mounting features directly into parts and milled all 5 sides complete and then just sawed and milled off the mounting surface. I highly recommend this system!

Ralph Krycak
Cleveland, OH

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The simplest, most accurate way to exchange fixtures under 10 seconds.


Kwik-Clamp, Quick-Change Mounting System Introduction, by Rimeco Products

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