Are you looking to increase Productivity in an existing Milling Process, by reviewing new ways to hold and process your parts?

Let Rimeco Products review your part drawings and help advise ways the Kwik-Clamps can be incorporated with the use of 1 or more Fixtures.  Our Team of Manufacturing Engineers have decades of experience, designing Fixtures for processes that will run optimally with our Kwik-Clamp System.  We are happy to sign an NDA prior to reviewing drawings and our Facility is ITAR Registered and we have completed the Cybersecurity audit required in accordance with NIST-88-171. 

There is no cost for your First consultation and if you order a Kwik-Clamp we will manufacture your first Fixture for you at no cost. Our Fixtures are made from 4140 Steel and are designed to last for years. There is no risk to trying out our design service, our goal is to make our Customers the most efficient they can be. You will be amazed at how much time can be saved by exchanging parts outside of your machine during production runs and eliminating wasted time during Set-ups and Changeovers. Once you have your first Fixture, we can aid in the design of any future fixtures or work with your Manufacturing Engineers with concepts we use in our design in our process. Our goal is to create a system where Fixtures can be designed and made inside any Manufacturing Facility, but we are always here to help and it is always at no added cost. Give us a try today!