Rimeco Products Introduces the Kwik-Clamp 5 Axis OnePro Workholding Quick Change System



Rimeco Products, Inc has innovated its Vertical Kwik-Clamp System, so that it can be used on industry standard 5 Axis machines. 

For Immediate Release

January 21, 2020

Rimeco Products New Kwik-Clamp 5 Axis OnePro Workholding Quick Change System is a Piston actuated system that allows operators to pneumatically clamp Vises, Chucks and Fixtures with 2,000 lbs. of clamping force with just One Product (*OnePro).  With the New 5 Axis OnePro Quick Change System you can mount workholding for new jobs in less than 10 seconds with .0002” Precision and repeatability with Little to no downtime for the machine.

In order to use the Kwik-Clamp 5 Axis OnePro Workholding Quick Change System, the only modification that needs to be made to any existing workholding system is the addition of two dowel pins and a standard Cat 40 Retention Knob.  Rimeco Products recommends the use of a Diamond style dowel pin and a regular .3125” dowel pin.  The dowel pins can be located 2.5” or 4.0” apart, depending on the size of the workholding system.  John Ribic, Jr., President of Rimeco Products says “This is a game changer for anyone that has been wanting to adopt 5 axis machining in their shop but has had a hard time with determining how to effectively develop or modify their workholding.  Not only will it drastically reduce set-up times, but it will also increase up time during production by allowing operators to change out fixtures rather than individual parts in 10 seconds or less.”

The Kwik-Clamp 5 Axis OnePro Workholding Quick Change System was designed around the simple integration with all the most popular robotics brands industrial robots. For anyone using automation and robotics in their facility or anyone with aspirations to incorporate automation, the Kwik-Clamp 5 Axis OnePro Workholding Quick Change System can be used with a robotic system.  Rimeco Products currently uses Universal Robots with their Kwik-Clamp 5 Axis OnePro systems to automate machine tending.  All that is required is a valve that can be controlled with an M0 or by the UR.  John Ribic, Jr., says “With the reduction in available workforce, we had to figure out a way to automate some of our repetitive tasks and machine tending was the easiest to automate.  Not only have we freed up an operator to run or set-up another machine, but we are seeing increased production and reduced downtime with the UR tending the machines.”

Rimeco Products has a CNC Machining division, besides their Workholding division and the Kwik-Clamps are made inside of and used inside of their own machine shops.  The Automation and 5 Axis adoption has been an ongoing R&D project over the last 2 years and they are now ready to release to the machining world.  To find out more about the Kwik-Clamp System visit www.Kwik-Clamp.com.


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