Rimeco Product's Kwik-Clamp is assisting small, medium and large businesses achieve leaner manufacturing, cost effectively. The Kwik-Clamp focuses on quick changeovers and reducing set-up times. The benefits of quick changeovers include;


  • Shorter Lead-Time
  • Less Material Waste
  • Fewer Defects
  • Less Inventory
  • Higher Productivity
  • Greater Flexibility


The Kwik-Clamp can reduce set-ups from hours to minutes. While the workholding devices remain on the table, offsets remain constant. A standardized system of fixture design is used on all fixtures. All fixtures use two dowel pins located 2 ½” or 4” apart (depending on fixture size) and a standard CAT 40 retention knob. Fixtures are clamped to the vertical or rotary table in less than 10 seconds using 80 psi to provide up to 3800 lbs of pressure.

The Kwik-Clamp prevents material waste by allowing parts to be inspected inside the fixture and then placed back into the machine for further machining. Multiple operations can be combined into one program and parts can be machined from bar stock to completion, as seen above, aiding in reducing scrap. Using the Kwik-Clamp, multiple sides of a part(s) can be machined without removing the part(s) from the fixture, greatly aiding in true positioning requirements and allowing for fewer defects.

The Kwik-Clamp decreased set-up time drastically enough to allow all shifts to increase productivity. Time studies have shown that productivity can be increased by 25%, and in some cases more.

Lower inventory leads to lower space requirements. Smaller fixtures also lower space requirements. The rapid exchange of fixtures eliminates the need for multiple, large, costly, part fixtures.

The Kwik-Clamp is designed to increase productivity during the production run, focusing on exchanging fixtures rather than individual parts. For longer production runs two identical fixtures are made. While one fixture is being machined the other is being loaded with parts outside of the machine. When the machine stops, fixtures are swapped within seconds and production resumes.

With more complicated geometries, both units can be utilized to allow for multi-sided machining. Different fixtures can be combined into one program. Machining one operation in one fixture and transferring the parts to the second fixture, while all the part exchange occurs outside of the machine as the machine continues to run.

The Kwik-Clamp offers greater flexibility by allowing jobs to be easily transferred from one machine to another. Any existing or new fixture is easily modified to work with the Kwik-Clamp.

The Kwik-Clamp can be installed on any CNC Vertical Machining Center in less than one hour.