We have designed the Kwik-Clamp System to be compatible on any Vertical Machining Center inside any manufacturing facility. Outlined in the following pages are the product specifications and drawings for fixture design. The Kwik-Clamp will allow all companies to increase productivity on their existing Vertical Machining Centers. We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS on fixture design. Please do not hesitate to call us or email us about a project you would like to use the Kwik-Clamp System with. The premise behind the Kwik-Clamp system is simplicity. There is no reason to build big, expensive fixtures any longer. You now have the ability to exchange fixtures in less than 10 seconds. and have them hold between 1 – 14 parts at a time. In longer production runs it is better to hold more parts in order to decrease the amount of tool changes and the amount of times the fourth axis needs to spin.

Rimeco Product's CNC Machining Division uses the Kwik-Clamp System on all of its Vertical Machining Centers. They have manufactured parts on the fourth axis that most companies would have taken a different approach to manufacturing. They currently use the Kwik-Clamp System in 80% of their jobs. It is not that they look for specific jobs to fit with the Kwik-Clamp, but they design ways to apply the Kwik-Clamp system to their jobs in order to increase productivity.


Machining CentersAs shown in these images, all that needs to be changed on any fixture (existing or new) is the addition of two 5/16” dowel pins (one diamond, one regular) and a 5/8-11 tapped hole, which will have a standard HAAS retention knob (HAAS P/N 20-7164) added to it. Retention knobs can be taken out of one fixture and added into other fixtures to reduce costs. The 5/16” reamed holes are located 4” apart for larger fixtures and 2 ½” apart for smaller fixtures. An 11/32” x 1/4" deep counter-bore is located 1” from center on either side of the pins for the 4” spaced pins and ¾” from center for the 2 ½” spaced pins. Only add one counter-bore to each fixture, this is to prevent fixture rotation or the improper loading of a fixture. A 10-32 screw is placed on one side of the Kwik-Clamp, the side the counter-bore will be loading on to. This will eliminate any potential problems and make the machine operator's job a lot easier.

A diamond style dowel pin is used along with one standard dowel pin, without the diamond style dowel pin the fixture will not have quick-change abilities. The dowel pins are easily made or can be purchased standard. The attached drawing shows how the pin can be easily made in-house. Any existing fixture can be modified to be used with the Kwik-Clamp System by adding the dowel pins and retention knob. If there is not enough stock on existing fixtures, we can make an adaptable fixture plate that can mount onto existing fixtures giving them quick-change capability.