1. My company is a small job shop that produces an assortment of different styles of parts in short to medium production run. How can the Kwik-Clamp system work for me?

The key to turning a profit in a short run job shop, is keeping set-up time to a minimum. The Fixture Kwik-Clamp system allows fixtures to be mounted within seconds. Since the fourth axis is rarely ever removed from the machine, the Y0 and Z0 will remain constant and will allow for quick set-up. If programs are written from the middle of the fourth axis, each time the job is set-up, the only offset that will need to be located is the X0. The same is true for the Vertical Kwik-Clamp, except it is X0 and Y0 that remain constant, as long as the device is not removed from the table. What use to take hours, will now take minutes.

2. What type of precision and repeatability is held when the fixture is continually inserted and removed from the Fixture Kwik-Clamp System?

The hardened bushings located 2 1/2" and 4" apart have a precision ground I.D. of .3130", the dowel pins used in the fixture design will be precision ground to .3125". The repeatability based on this will be at least plus or minus .0002" or better.
I recently tested a Kwik-Clamp system we have been using on our own machine for about five years. I moved a fixture we were working with between the fourth axis and vertical 30 times and found that the repeatability was within .0002". The initial precision will be determined by the precision with which the fixtures are made. I tested the same fixture and found our precision to be within .0001" per 2". A shorter fixture will have greater precision than a longer one, but the difference is very minimal.

3. I am considering purchasing a machine with a pallet changer. What would the advantage be of using the Fixture Kwik-Clamp System rather than the pallet changer?

First, the Fixture Kwik-Clamp System is significantly less expensive than a pallet changer. The pallet changer or a multiple table system will require multiple workholding devices, also making them less economical. Finally the pallet changers will not give you the flexibility to machine five sides of one part without removing it from the fixture.

4. What if I purchase the Fixture Kwik-Clamp System and find they do not work the way I had imagined?

We believe that not only will the system work just as you imagined, but that it will become essential to your milling department. Once you begin using it, you will want to have one on every vertical machining center. We strive to offer the best product possible and gladly accept any criticisms our customer's might have.

5. Is there any type of warranty?

There is a five-year warranty on the Fixture Kwik-Clamp System. As with any other mechanical product, there will be normal wear and tear. We stock all parts and will ship the same day they are ordered.


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