The Kwik-Clamp 5 Axis OnePro Vertical Workholding System can be used on industry standard 5 Axis machines. The vertical workholding System allows operators to pneumatically clamp any type of workholding to their table with 2,000 lbs. of clampig force. The 5 Axis OnePro was designed to help you increase productivity and lower costs to maximize the benefits of your 5-Axis machine with just one single unit. The System clamps with .0002” precision and .0002” repeatability. 

The Kwik-Clamp 5 aXis OnePro workholding system minimize obstruction issues while providing enough clamping force to locate and stabilize intricate or oddly shaped parts.

5 Axis Workholding

High precision 5 axis vises are highly effective for working with complex shapes and difficult angles. Additional benefits of 5 axis workholding solutions include increased accuracy, reduced setup time, and reduced tooling costs and labor time. Machining all sides of your workpiece in one setup.

  • Achieve Obstruction-Free Machining with Our 5 Axis OnePro Workholding System
    • High clamping force
    • Fast set up and changeovers
    • High productivity
    • One unit set up 

Our 5 Axis OnePro Workholding system is designed to allow for obstruction-free machining on five sides of a workpiece with just one set up. They have the benefit of a quick, single clamp setup and allow for continuous, high-speed cutting of pockets and 3-dimensional or sculpted surfaces.

 Amazing tool, I have several of these units, they are a real game changer! - Kenneth, Masters Precision Machining, Inc 1/21/20